All registered athletes are required to compete in the approved LAVic PRLAC uniform whether they are competing at Centre competition on Saturdays or representing PRLAC at Region or State competitions. EVERY REGISTERED ATHLETE MUST WEAR THE CORRECT UNIFORM FOR COMPETITION

Uniform can be purchased from the club during most Saturday competitions directly from our Secretary, Joanne.

LAVic are especially strict about uniform requirements at Regional and State events so its best to be prepared with the correct uniform at Centre level.

COMMONWEALTH BANK Chest Patches are required at every competition pinned to the Centre singlet. This has the scanning sticker on them for Results HQ. Coles Patches are also required to be sewn on above the LAVIC logo.

Please click here for LAVIC Uniform regulations

Shorts must be plain black without any logos and pockets. Centre shorts can also be purchased- these include the PRLAC and/or LAVIC logo on them.

The red PRLAC singlet must also be worn. A plain white t-shirt is also permitted to be worn beneath the singlet if they wish.

New chest patches will be provided if the original is lost or damaged for $5


SHORTS $22 $18 (LAVIC Logo Only)