When you come to PRLAC, expect to have an enjoyable morning of athletics in a family friendly relaxed environment with focus on participation and improvement.

Saturday morning competitions start at 8:30am with set up commencing at 7am. We encourage parents to help with set up to ensure starting on time. We hope to run events simultaneously however this depends on having enough parents to volunteer and run field events.

Saturday morning competitions will involve athletes competing in 4 events. We vary the events throughout the day with a typical program involving each athlete competiting in two track events and two field events. We try to make sure that each week athletes will compete in throwing and jumping events. Weekly programs are HERE.

When called on the PA system, athletes are required to go to the call room where marshalling officials will escort athletes to the events. We do this because this is the process required to be followed at Regional and State events.

Sometimes if we have smaller age group sizes we will combine them to help push through the events quicker. Please note, athletes still compete in their age groups however multiple age groups will be running at the same time so we can get through things quicker!

As always, we require events to be filled with officials and volunteers to help. Our aim is to run field events at the same time but to do that, we require parent helpers out at the events to run and officiate them. The more volunteers out there, the quicker the morning runs.

Prior to the event, please check Team App or social media pages on the Thursday night where we will post a reminder of the events on the program and any roles we still haven't filled as yet that will be required to be filled.