Where is PRLAC located?

Preston Reservoir Little Athletics Centre Inc (PRLAC) is located at Edwardes Lake Park, Reservoir on the corner of Griffiths Street and Edwardes Street.


What age can you become an athlete at PRLAC?

Little Aths is for children of all abilities aged 5-15. If you are yet to turn 5, you must await you 5th birthday before competing at PRLAC.


How do you register for Little Athletics?

Athletes must be registered through our State Association (Little Athletics Victoria- Once you are registered you can participate in any of our Competition days.

What if I am unsure about joining Little Athletics?

PRLAC offers any athlete that is new to Little Aths a FREE TWO WEEK TRIAL! Yep, that's right- FREE! You still need to register through LAVIC for your trial (for insurance purposes) however no financial commitment is required. This way, your child can participate in Little Aths to see if they like it. No results will be allocated to Trial athletes through Results HQ until athletes are fully registered.


Why doesn’t PRLAC have ‘clubs’ like some other centres?

To mitigate costs and personal required to run individual clubs, in 2005 all the individual clubs amalgamated together to form Preston Reservoir Little Athletics Centre. This means that families won’t need to purchase two different registrations, two different uniforms etc.


How does my child compete in Region and State events?

Region and State events are open to all registered athletes in the U9-U16 age groups. When these events registration portal opens, the centre will communicate this with our members.


Do I need to wear a uniform?

Yes, uniform is compulsory for all registered athletes. Uniforms can be purchased directly from the club or online via our Team App.


What is the cost?

Fees are as follows for the 2020/21 season:

  • One child                                                   $165
  • Family registration for two children           $310 ($155 each)
  • Family registration for three children        $465 ($155 each)
  • Family registration for four children          $585 ($146.25 each)
  • Family registration for five children           $700 ($140 each)


Does my child need experience in Athletics?

No! Athletics is a sport for everyone regardless of ones ability, skill or age! The values of PRLAC focus on family, fun, fitness and we ask our athletes to ‘Be your best’. We focus on improvement and participation and have various incentive programs such as the Personal Best program throughout the season for our athletes.


What day and time is athletics on?

PRLAC runs a Track and Field Competition most Saturday mornings (during the summer) from 8:30am to 12 noon from October -March with a break over the Christmas/New Year period. When there are Region/State events or public holidays, we may run a Friday night Twilight event held from 5:30pm-7pm. During the winter, a Cross Country program is also ran (by NMR Region Division One)


Are parents required to volunteer?

Yes! PRLAC is YOUR club and it is an expectation that all parents volunteer throughout the season. The club is ran by volunteers for our children. No one is paid. Each week, volunteers run the program and ensure that we can finish on time.


Are parents required for set up?

Yes! The more parents we have come down from 7am-8am before the program, the more likely the program will commence on time.


Do parents need experience to volunteer at PRLAC?

Absolutely not! That is the beauty about PRLAC. All our roles that are required to be filled are extremely easy and simple to pick up! We love seeing people involved and will always find a role for you that you are comfortable with!


What happens if we don’t have volunteers?

Simple- we cannot run. After multiple calls for helpers for field events, we will cancel the event if we don’t have enough parent helpers come out to volunteer. We urge you to help to avoid disappointment for your child.


How do I learn how to help at an event?

Please approach a committee member and ask to attend an event singling your intention that you're keen to help. Committee members are willing to help you learn the ropes so you will not be left alone!


Is volunteering compulsory?

Yes! Parents are required to volunteer a minimum of 5 times throughout the season for their child to be eligible for participation at Centre Championships, to be awarded a trophy at the Presentation and potential participation in the Preston Reservoir Gift.


What events are offered at PRLAC?

Events at PRLAC differ depending on athlete’s age groups however throughout the season athletes will have the opportunity to participate in sprinting, hurdles, distance running, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, Discus, and Javelin.


What age group will my child be in?

Age groups are determined by year and month of birth taken at December 31.


Do I need to purchase specialised shoes for my child?

No you don’t. Runners are fine however in U11-U16, athletes are permitted to wear spikes if they wish for track events.


Will my children learn the correct technique and have access to training/coaching?

Yes, PRLAC is committed to ensuring that all athletes are taught the correct rules and techniques of athletics. Our event officials will provide explanations of how to do each event especially for those athletes that are new to athletics. PRLAC runs an 'in house' training program by our Region & State Team Manager on Wednesday nights from 5-6pm at the track.


Will my child have the chance to win medals/trophies/certificates?

Yes! We have programs that focus on athlete’s improvement, participation, but also acknowledge those athletes that excel. Our PB Star of the Week program is a weekly award that encourages athletes to strive to improve their previous performance earlier in the season. A certificate, medal/trophy and local business voucher/prize will be awarded on a weekly basis. We also have end of season awards where points are allocated throughout the season are then added up to determine age group placings. Athletes have don’t receive a placing trophy will be awarded a participation award. On top of this, we have special awards that are presented at the end of the season as well.


Is the name tag compulsory?

Yes, athletes must wear their COMMONWEALTH BANK name patch every week to record their results. If you need to replace one, a fee of $2 is required to be paid. A tip so you don’t forget it- put it in your athletics bag or in the car!


How do I find out what’s going on?

We have over the past 12 months grown a strong presence on social media through our Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also keep up to date through Team App, and our website.