PRLAC is ran by entirely by volunteers. We cannot operate though without the assistance of parents week in week out to fulfil the many roles and duties required to run a smooth Competition program.

Most of the time, these roles are quite simple such as officiating at events, marshalling, scanning athletes at the finish line, putting out markers at the finish line etc. Whilst these are quite simple, we also require parents to stand up and fill roles such as filling event and helping in the canteen (once it gets up and running).

Set up and pack up too is an important part of the program. The more parents we have come and help set up, the better chance we are at beginning the program on time.

PRLAC understands that all parents are from diverse backgrounds with different skills, experience, and committments. This is why our plan is that if you want to help, there will always be a position for you. If you think you can help with something at the Centre, let the Committee know and we will promptly find you a role.

Don't feel scared, roll up the sleeves and lend a hand!