Nominated by Preston Reservoir LAC Committee Members and awarded to an adult in appreciation of work done/input at Centre Competition level including:

  • Officiating at Centre Competition, Region or State
  • Prepared to assist with various tasks during competition days, attends centre meetings, and assists with coaching on training days.  Minimum of 3 years’ service.

Ray Drummond is one of the founding members of PRLAC.  Ray had two boys who competed for PRLAC during the athletic seasons.  Ray was asked to become a walk judge and had been a judge and coach for many years for Region/State and PRLAC.  Ray kept going even after his two boys finished athletes.  He still trained walkers and came up to Competition days to help out with walk judging until 2003.


Recent recipients of The Volunteers Award:


2001/02- Lyn Smith

2002/03- Ken Wilson

2003/04- Peter Rowe

2004/05- Ron Dawson

2005/06- Cathy Carlsen

2006/07- Peter Rowe

2007/08- Lisa Rowe

2008/09- Chris Garrett

2009/10- **unable to find**

2010/11- Anthony Pospisil

2011/12- Marisa Argetto

2012/13- Michael Grenade

2013/14- Phil Martin

2014/15- Paul Rusic

2015/16- Trudi Milne

2016/17- Christina Carelli

2017/18- Rocco Rottura

2018/19- Ray Clark

2019/20- Not Awarded

2020/21- Joanne McIntyre and Lynton Martin

2021/22- Bessie Cacopardo

2022/23- Shayne Matzkows