Joanne Bonney was an athlete who had a heart condition and was never supposed to do athletics.  She defied all odds and her passion was to do Little Athletics.  She was a battler every time she competed. 


Unfortunately tragedy struck Joanne when her condition caught up with her.  She passed away at Under 15 age level.  Her father organised that a trophy be inaugurated in her name, to be known as the battler’s trophy. 

This trophy nominated by PRLAC members and presented every year to the athlete that competes at all times and gives their best. 


This trophy is presented every year to the athlete that competes at all times and gives their best. 



  • This Trophy is presented to an Athlete who although not classed as a “winner” has always followed in the true spirit and tradition of Little Athletics. 
  • His / Her behavior on and off the track will be admired by peers, officials and onlookers alike. 
  • The Athlete is a real “TRIER”.  One who competes no matter what the circumstances. 


Recent recipients of Joanne Bonney Trophy:


1989/90- Sally McConnell and Natalie Fisher

1990/91- Chantel Hoffman

1991/92- Johnny Fistrovic

1992/93- Rachel Laurie

1993/94- Christopher Grose

1994/95- Brendan McKee

1995/96- Amanda Cullen

1996/97- Jessica Hyde

1997/98- David Simpson

1998/99- Kimberley Smithson

1999/20- Sally Rowe

2000/01- Daniel Tuddin

2001/02- Alyson Ingle

2002/03- Tarrant Peterson

2003/04- Rebecca Collins

2004/05- Daniel Parsons

2005/06- Glenn Gibson

2006/07- **unable to find**

2007/08- **unable to find**

2008/09- **unable to find**

2009/10- **unable to find**

2010/11- Erin Rusic

2011/12- Chloe Grenade

2012/13- Hannah Bennett-Mazilli

2013/14- **unable to find**

2014/15- Jazmine Martin

2015/16- Cameron Leo

2016/17- Mia Gibson

2017/18- Edie Bridgewater

2018/19- Jack Leader

2019/20- Not Awarded

2020/21- Regan Colley

2021/22- Tyra Bardsen

2022/23- Alexander Williams

2023/24- Etta Canzano