Preston Reservoir Little Athletics Centre is on a search for new committee members, new volunteers or those who would just like to help in any capacity.


This upcoming season is going to be such a significant season in the centre’s history with the return to the redeveloped Edwardes Lake Park athletics track which we are very excited about. It will be different with the uncertainty of when we will return to kick off the season.


Little Athletics is the success that it is because of the tremendous work of volunteers, parents and the community. For over 50 years, Preston Reservoir Little Athletics Centre has been a success because of these people who have played a pivotal role in helping run the centre, help out on a Saturday at competition days whether it is in the canteen, in an organisational position or on field running events or helping measure etc. Sometimes it can be difficult to find helpers and volunteers especially with a small club like ours. This is why we are putting out a call out for new volunteers, new helpers, and new committee members. However, if we don’t have enough volunteers, if we don’t have enough committee members and if we don’t have enough people who are willing to help in ANY capacity, unfortunately, the club will be unable to operate and there will not be a Little Athletics centre for the kids of the Preston and Reservoir community.


PRLAC has played an important part in many of the communities’ childhood and those who are currently involved with the club want our centre to be a success. We passionately want to continue to provide a terrific hub for girls and boys to be involved in the great sport of Athletics.


2021 is a significant year with the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Athletics will be one of the main sports beaming into Australian families living rooms so what better time to be involved at Preston Reservoir Little Aths then now!

If you would like to see Preston Reservoir Little Aths continue to successfully operate, if you want PRLAC to ‘return to the glory days’ of the past and if you want to be involved with a club with brand new facilities at Edwardes Lake Park, please consider getting in touch with us to help out because you probably could be the one that makes a difference for this great club. If you let us know what you are good at, your skills, your interests and passions, WE WILL find a job for you to do around our centre whether it will be in a major or minor position or role. If you know anyone who would be interested even in the slightest of ways, please let them know that we are seeking new volunteers to join our great centre!


If you want to be involved in ANY capacity- it doesn’t need to be as a committee member, it could be just volunteering here and there or helping out around the club with whatever skillset you could bring to boost PRLAC, please get in contact with us via the following:


Email: prestonreservoir@lavic.com.au

Website: www.prestonreservoirlac.com.au

Phone: Shayne Matzkows (President) on 0413 138 552 or Joanne McIntyre (0411 755 865)

Contact us via Instagram or Facebook through the Direct Messaging