• The Number 1 Goal of PRLAC is to ensure that Little Aths is a fun, safe and educational environment for our athletes. We aim to organise a great program that creates a sense of self, identity and community belonging whilst also building a platform that encourages the learning of physical skills that will help inform well-rounded youngsters.
  • We actively encourage the various and diverse cultures of our community to participate in athletics- a sport for all. We encourage all those wishing to join our centre to do so no matter their physical ability or socio-economic status.
  • Continuous improvements of our equipment and facilities to ensure that athletes are able to compete in all levels of competition to the best of their ability. (Having Regional and State level equipment ensures that this goal is capable of being achieved. This is where sponsorships play an integral role!)
  • Strengthen our coaching structure and enhance opportunities for athlete’s skill development.
  • The ethos of Little Athletics is FAMILY, FUN, and FITNESS. Our aim is for Athletes to have fun whilst getting fit amongst friends with family support.