A requirement of registration at PRLAC is that parents/guardians agree to help out during competition as an official at a track and field event, as a team manager, or in the canteen. Helping out is fun and easy.  Activities can be as simple as holding a tape, raking the sand pit or writing up place tickets.


A parent/ guardian of each family is expected to help out during at least 5 competition days each season. This is a requirement for your child to be eligible for awards at the end of the season and to complete at the Centre Championships. In addition, athletes are required to participate in a minimum of four weeks of Centre Competition to be eligible for the Centre Championships. Parents of younger athletes are required to assist at all On-Track sessions.


Please note:  Athletes are to have a parent/guardian or responsible adult in attendance at all times. The Centre cannot be responsible for athletes left unattended at the completion of a competition day or if the day has been called off mid-way due to inclement weather. Athletes left unattended will not be able to compete until/unless their parent/guardian returns.